What is Irritating My Skin? Common Skin Irritants and How to Avoid Them

When we have sensitive skin – our skin seems to be in a constant state of irritation and inflammation, to top it all off – all of that creates more sensitive skin. There’s no winning here. Besides being, understandably, upset about the state of our skin – we might wonder: “well, what is causing this?”

Common causes of irritation

Irritation and inflammation can be caused by internal or external factors. Common internal factors include hormonal imbalances, dehydration, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep. External factors include anything that results in harsh treatment to the skin.

What is Irritating My Skin

Common external factors include sun exposure, hot water, irritating ingredients, and excessive exfoliation to name a few. What happens? When the skin becomes irritated, the skin has trouble repairing itself causing weakened skin surface, enlarged pores, and increased oil production.

How To Avoid Skin Irritation?

Being gentle to your skin is the best method to healthier and happier skin. It seems too simple? Here’s a list of things that you should avoid.

  • Abrasive or irritating exfoliates (this includes harsh scrubs, and high levels of a chemical exfoliate).
  • High levels of alcohol and menthol in toners or other skincare products
  • Cold or Hot water
  • High levels of Fragrances in Skincare products
  • Overexposure to Blue light and Sun
  • Over cleansing
  • Picking the skin