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Yves Gaston

We didn’t want to own a car either but once you have children it becomes a necessity. We own a Polestar and charging time is 8 hours at 220V from our local charging point but with rapid recharger at motorways services it takes only 30 minutes. Home charging is something we’ve considered but haven’t gone ahead with mainly because we weren’t too sure at the time (last year) and we had a charging point not too far from us.

In the UK, you can get up to 75% off the installation of your charging point at home or workplace with the OLEV grant so we definitely getting a home charging point soon.

@julie in the UK you get a plug-in grant for low emission vehicles and the vehicle costs less than £40k, you will be exempt from road tax. So if you’re considering buying one you should look into all the EV grants/schemes you could get.

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Julie Wong

Thanks for the info @yves . Really appreciate your input.

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Ben Halpern Author

Yes, thanks for adding to the convo @yves !