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Question from a newbie here

Any recommendation for moisturizer? I have dry and sensitive skin. Iā€™m also tired of buying moisturizers in non recyclable containers

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You can use any of these olive oil, pure calendula, coconut oil, Shea butter. these are all great options . For your sensitive skin, you may also be allergic to methylisothiazolinone which is a preservative hidden in fragrance.

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Valentina Author

Thank you Maxime

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Ella (she/her/elle)

100% agree with all the "use oil" comments!

It might take you a while to find the right fit for you, but don't give up on this! Moisturizer can be overpackaged.

I've also found this company in France where I live that offers refillable moisturizers. Never tried them, because I use oil šŸ˜‰ but if you're still looking for a traditional emulsion moisturizer, there are more of these brands appearing.

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Oli Guei

Coconut oil is one the popular options. I've used it a few times but found it OK.

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Emilie Scofield

You should check out bag balm. They sell it in a recyclable metal tin.

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Julie Wong

You can use jojoba oil with a few drops of essential oil. That should help

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in my family we all use sweet almond oil and it feels nice on the skin. look into it