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Oli Guei
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Transparency is key in sustainable business practices

We had a conversation about sustainable business practices for small businesses today and I came to the conclusion that transparency is key. Be honest about about your business practices including the areas where your business falls short an explain why you are not yet meeting your sustainability goals. Your customers will understand and forgive you.

My recommendations included:
Create graphics/infographics that explain your sustainable practices and share them regularly on your website and socials. Don't be shy about sharing your green credentials.

Find green alternatives to your IT service providers like AWS, GCP etc... Check out The Positive Internet Company for green data centres as an alternatives and show this on your website.

Have a look at Environmental Policy Templates & Examples For Small Business from small99 it lists some of the best examples of sustainability policies for you to take inspiration and guidance.

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Emilie Scofield

It’s really suspicious if a business that’s claiming to be sustainable isn’t transparent. Good post @oli πŸ’š

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Yves Gaston

I agree. The more a business tries to hide its environmental impact the less likely I want to buy from them.