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My sustainable lifestyle tips

Choosing to live a sustainable life can add a few complications to your life but it’s a choice definitely worth making. Not only will you be doing your small part to save the planet your wallet will also thank you. Here are some useful lifestyle tips to help on your journey to a sustainable/zero-waste lifestyle:

  1. Use cloth napkins in your kitchen. Swap your paper towels for a couple of these cloth napkins and you will never look back. They’re affordable and available at most kitchenware retailers.

  2. Use reusable shopping bags. 🛍️ Get yourself a bag for life and keep it in the car or on your person for all your grocery shopping. I haven't touched a plastic bag in many years.

  3. Shorter showers. 🚿 This goes without saying but some of us do forget to keep it short especially during these hot summer months and because water is relatively affordable and readily available here in the UK.

  4. Reusing/repurposing before you recycle. This can apply to your home appliances, clothing items and other possessions. Reusing several items in recent years has saved me a lot of money.

  5. Cancel magazine subscriptions (if you have any) and switch to an e-reader or buy used books if you don't have an e-reader. I’ve missed the smell and feel of a book in my hands but I’ve found that I can repurpose the space on the bookshelf with house plants. 🌱

  6. Purchase most clothing items you need from second hand stores. There’s a reason Etsy acquired the second-hand fashion app Depop. More and more young people have adopted this second-hand purchasing trend than other groups of society in recent years.

  7. Refashioning thrift store clothing. If you have the skills and equipment to refashion thrift store purchases, you’ll be the envy of your friends.

  8. Reduce or cut out meat consumption. Yes, it’s true. Meat production has one of the worse environmental impacts. You can learn more here.

  9. Use public transportation if you have access. Otherwise, you may consider carpooling/ride-sharing options with other like-minded individuals in your area. Companies like Moovit, Pendla and BlaBlaCar run an excellent carpooling program.

  10. Grow your own food if you can (permaculture is on the rise). For city dwellers like me, you can join a communal garden project and lend them a hand during your spare time. They often share the harvest with volunteers. A little Google search can help you. If there isn’t a community garden project happening in your town, why not start one? 🤷

  11. Teach other people. There is no better feeling than sharing your knowledge with somebody else. This is why they say teaching is rewarding. 😁

Please share your sustainable lifestyle tips in the comments below.

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Yves Gaston

I find that the more I support businesses that are doing the right thing for the planet and people, the more time I volunteer in groups regenerating land, the better I feel. Change your lifestyle change your mindset and look after the planet and its people.

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Maya Carazas

I set zero-waste targets (per year, per month and sometimes per week). It allows me to move the needle and most importantly see and celebrate my progress.

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Emilie Scofield

This is a good idea. I’ve found that focusing on the small weekly wins are as important as the big ones.

tatyana profile image

I've been reducing/sorting/recycling my plastic packaging materials. However I always worry that this is not enough and I wanna do more

maxine profile image

I'm buying only from companies that care about people and the planet. We also grow our own vegetables.