Discussion on: How can I tell that the company I want to buy from is truly sustainable?

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Oli Guei

Hey @corrie I wrote a newsletter that answers this exact question not too long ago. Here's what you need to look out for.

Is the company transparent - they should be open about the sourcing of their materials, the way they run their company. They should also be mindful of the social and environmental impact of their operations and disclose that information as well. Even when they screw up they're transparent about it.

Does the company have sustainable or ethical certifications - third-party certifications are an important part of determining an organisation’s overall sustainability and there are several certifying bodies out there that investigate companies and make judgments in this regard.

Is the company fair trade - fair trade status is the result of a company’s certification as a brand that complies with and upholds International Labor Organisation (ILO) standards.

Are the company’s products ethical or cruelty-free - examine the ethical sources of its products. Even if the company is not explicitly vegan in nature, any organisation that tests its products on animals or procures its products through unethical sourcing, cannot be considered sustainable.

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Corrie Johnson Author

thank you. saved