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Michael Tharrington

Really awesome to be here, y'all!

My name is Michael and I work for Forem (the platform that this community built on). I live in Pittsboro, NC and love the outdoors. I'm particularly upset with the water quality in my area due to PFAs and am interested in finding ways to fight water pollution. I'm also the son & brother of contractors who do quite a bit of building in the area — I'm constantly sending them articles on sustainable building materials like this one here on using mycelium for insulation.

And not to upset any meat-eaters out there, but I also think that it's particularly important to be aware of the environmental impact of what we're eating. Eating veggies seems to have a much more minimal impact on the earth. I can't say that I always abide by this, but I'm making a solid effort to eat less meat and visit my local farmer's market to pick up fresh fruit and veg.

Anywho, this is a great idea for a community and I'm excited to see where this goes!

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Oli Guei Author

Glad to have you here @michael . Sorry to hear about the PFAs contamination in Pittsboro. PFAs issues in the UK are barely reported on. I fear fresh water might become a scarce resource in the near future.
As for eating meat, I was horrified when I discovered the environmental damage caused by the meat industry. However, I've noticed more meat alternatives in stores so I think we're heading in the right direction. Again nice to have in the community.