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What are the best ways to make our community park eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable?

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Emilie Scofield

Get in touch with your local politicians and council officers. Lobby and work with them to get all the resources you want. That way you get to achieve more with their backing. It’s okay if you know enough for now - nobody ever does. Get other people to pitch a bit of their time too.

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Yves Gaston

If you can get other people to help, that’s good. plant some vegetables and fruits around the parks. I used to take my extra seeds and seedlings and find a green patch and plant free food for anyone who needs it. You can donate the vegetables to a local soup kitchen or schools.

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Julie Wong

Start a group to connect with your neighbours and local community so that you can share resources like tools and schedule events like cleanup and planting trees. Plant bee and butterfly friendly flowers and find a way to collect rainwater that can be used later to water the plants.

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Alec Brito

Hi @maxine try looking at urban permaculture.

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Maxine Author

Thank you everyone for the suggestions.