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Three ways to find and support eco-friendly places on Google Maps

Find and support eco-friendly places using Google Maps. With its growing community of contributors, Google Maps is making it easier for all of us to make choices that are better for the planet. Here are three tips for finding and supporting places on Google Maps that are focused on reducing waste, reusing items and recycling.

Look for new recycling information on Maps and Search πŸ‘€
Now you can find out where you can recycle or properly dispose of specific items by looking at Business Profiles on Google Maps and Search. Businesses with verified profiles can easily add information about the items they recycle. You’ll be able to see what places accept materials β€” like clothing, electronics, batteries, household hazardous waste, light bulbs and glass bottles β€” so you know you’re keeping these items out of the landfill.

Put sustainable businesses on the Map πŸ“
Build and share lists for all types of places and businesses that make it easier to consume responsibly. Create a list of nearby electric vehicle charging stations, local recycling centers or second-hand stores. Learn how to create and share lists of places here. You may wish to create a list of local craftspeople who upcycle. This allows other people in your town to find skilled craftspeople who give a second life to discarded objects like toys, furniture or clothing.

Give eco-friendly businesses a boost ♻️
It is important to give extra support and encouragement to businesses that are taking sustainability seriously. You can contribute photos and reviews that highlight business that compost and recycle - like your favorite take out spot that has minimal and compostable packaging or an image of a sign that lists what items a local recycling center accepts. If you recycle materials at a local business, you can also suggest an edit to their Business Profile to help let others know.

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Julie Wong

Time to start contributing to Google Maps because this kind of information can help a lot of people.