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Has anybody tried meat alternatives? Which one would you recommend?

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Ben Halpern

Depending on what you're going for, I really enjoyed throwing a 4th of July party where many of the guests were typical meat eaters and very pleased with the Beyond burgers and sausages I served.

In a typical day I'd prefer doing veggie burgers from scratch with Jackfruit as a main ingredient (but make sure you don't skimp on spices and oils!)

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Christina Haviland

Beyond meat is my favourite. Their products have become my go-to. even my non vegan friends love them.

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Julie Wong

I’d recommend all the varieties from Quorn. I enjoy their Mince meat. You can buy them from major supermarkets like Sainsbury’s or Tesco.

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Oli Guei

I get various meat free alternatives from Quorn and I’m fairly happy happy. I’m not sure if Quorn is available worldwide so search your local supermarket and try different ones because some don’t taste great. I haven’t gone completely meat-free yet but I’ve reduced my meat consumption by 70-80% over the last several years.

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Alec Brito Author

I’ve bought some quorn sausages today because of your recommendation Julie.